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Projects for the creation of digital applications based on specifications


Languages: NodeJS, VueJS, ColdFusion, C#


  •   Analyse,
  •   Agile project development,
  •   Testing & Documentation
  •   Support and Third-Party Maintenance Activities


Technical Support

To strengthen your IT teams, we provide you with digital experts

  • Product owner, Data scientist/Analyst
  • Projets Manager, functional and/or technical consultants
  • Team leader, developers’ leader, architects
  • Developpers front & back, intergrators….


To support your digital transformation, our functional expertise and certified technical skills allow us to deploy the solutions:

  • Institutional sites
  • B2C merchant sites 
  • Merchant sites with complex catalogs
  • Extranet
  • ERP / CRM


The solutions developed by the Axiv IT group meet 2 needs:

  • E-learning
  • Artificial Intelligence / ChatBot


All solutions for 24/7/365 availability of your application

  • High Availability Hosting, Security & Monitoring
  • Virtual servers and dockerisation
  • Domain names

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